The Glide Re-Architecture

When we originally started working on Glide we were trying to solve the problem of package management in a different way. It was before the Go vendor experiment. In the beginning we didn't use codegangsta/cli either.

Over the past year we moved to the vendor experiment, that will soon be the standard, among other changes. Over the course of time the codebase ended up with two problems:

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Dangers of Monorepo Projects

I've noticed an increase in the number of projects using monorepos. Unfortunately, I see a lack of discussion on the dangers of them or how to deal with those dangers. Few jump out of a plane without a parachute or even training and guidance to go along with the parachute. But, when it comes to monorepos we all too often do the software equivalent.

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Glide install and the glide.lock file

With the 0.8 release of Glide comes the introduction of the glide.lock file and a new install command. When we introduced semantic version support in the previous release it left a feature gap between specifying version ranges and having reproducible builds down to the commit. This is the solution that, to be fair, has been implemented in numerous other programming languages package managers.

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