Cookoo 1.2.0 Released

Cookoo, a chain-of-command framework for Go, has recently picked up active development again and with that comes the 1.2.0 release. Version 1.2.0 brings numerous bug fixes and new features.

Chief among the new features is a new syntax for defining routes that's similar to cli.go. With this new syntax you can define routes like:

reg, router, cxt := Cookoo()
    Name: "test",
    Does: Tasks{
            Name: "cmdDef",
            Def:  &mystruct{},
            Using: []Param{
                {Name: "funty", DefaultValue: 5},
                {Name: "StrField", DefaultValue: "Batty"},

In addition to this feature additions include:

  • Improvements to the way CLI arguments are handled and the way CLI applications can be created.
  • @shutdown route for the web server.
  • safely.GoDo - The safely sub-package helps you run goroutines while handling panics on them.
  • A new getter interface.
  • Several more you can read in the release announcement.

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Glide 0.3.0 Released

Development of Glide, the workspace (i.e. GOPATH) and package dependency management tool, has been happening at a good pace. Since the 0.2.0 release a number of good changes have landed. So, we're releasing the 0.3.0 version.

In the 0.3.0 release some major changes landed including:

  • Support to import from GPM and Godep.
  • Added GOOS and GOARCH support.
  • If a Git ref matches the current version it uses a fastpath.
  • If you switch VCS for a project to Git it handles that cleanly.
  • glide gopath is now smarter in detecting the GOPATH.
  • And numerous bug fixes.

Thanks to all those who contributed. You can download the latest release from Github.

Note, if you manage Glide versions with homebrew an update has been submitted.

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LastPass Breach, Password Security, and Reason

LastPass, the password manager that lets you manage your passwords between different devices, was recently hacked. From this there has been a fair amount of FUD circulating and not enough rational thought. With that in mind, this seems like a good time to talk about password security and LastPass with some rational ideas. Since we can't get rid of passwords just yet we need to manage them well.

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