Glide 0.5.1, Now For Vendored Packages

When we released Glide 0.5.0, going fully in on the new vendor/ directory in Go 1.5, we thought we'd nailed down support for both those who store the external packages in their own VCS and those that don't. It turns out there was a bug causing issues for those that vendored the packages in their VCS. With the release of 0.5.1 that's now fixed and one of several bugs fixed.

You can read the full release notes on GitHub.

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Building An OpenStack Swift to WebDAV Proxy

&tldr; If you want to mount OpenStack Swift as a drive consider the swift to WebDAV proxy that allows you to mount swift as a WebDAV endpoint.

When I first started using OpenStack Swift, the object storage service within OpenStack, I immediately wanted the ability to mount it as a drive on my system. At the time I was working on the HP public cloud and wanted to mount a public cloud storage as a local drive. While not a Dropbox alternative, this would let me have a rather large remote drive and there are many ways to use this.

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The New Go 1.5 Vendor Handling

When Go was first released a gap between what developers needed and what the go tool provided became apparent. That was the management of vendor packages. This quickly lead to the rise of applications such as Godep and GPM to fill in the gap. With the release of Go 1.5 comes changes to the go toolchain that starts to natively address the gap. In this post I'll talk about how it works and how you can leverage it.

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Comparing Versions In Go

If you're using Go and working with Semantic Versioning (SemVer) there are occasions you want to compare version within a Go application. The standard library doesn't have a package that can do this. Luckily, there are some community packages that can help. Here we'll look at two suck packages with differing feature sets.

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